Learner's License K53

Learner's License K53 - is an app comprising of 200+ Questions. With this app you can pass your Learner’s Licence easily.

*I can assure you that you will pass your learner’s license at your first attempt with this app.

*Because this app simulates the real k53 learner's test that you’ll be taking at the traffic department. In fact i developed this k53 learners test app for myself and i passed my learner's k53 at the first attempt. And i decided to publish the app free of charge so that others can benefit from it too

*We have a set of more than 200 questions to help you with your practice.

*And this app is COMPLETELY FREE!!! and OFFLINE.

* Even if you fail in the app you can retry as many times as you like till you achieve your objective.

*My goal for designing this app was that, “I wanted people to pass their learner’s licenses with ease and at the first attempt.

*Our algorithm shows you the correct answer if you get it wrong. But if you don’t answer the question it doesn’t.

*So please answer ALL questions.

*Use this app in conjunction with a k53 book

I also decided to translate the this k53 app to Afrikaans, if you want that version please search for "Leerlinglisensie K53" you'll find it.

The leerlinlisensie toets is the only k53 RSA afrikaans which is FREE.

We have tests on motorcycle, car(code 8) and trucks (code 14).

Support @ http://apps.ultradeep.co.za/
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