Difela Tsa Sione

• With this app you can teach, both yourself and your children hymns of the Sovereign Lord in Setswana, Sepedi and Sesotho.

• Hymns are not in alphabetical order but they are in their respective numeric order. In this modern day and age most, if not all, of the things have moved into our smartphones – from calendars to bibles, so this is your chance to carry your hymn book too.
• I developed this app because of lack of internet in my village; so that I can be able to learn hymns peacefully OFFLINE without any extra costs.it is user friendly and affordable, since it is around 1.5MB. Download the app and use forever.
• Check “Tlong re yeng” hymn 161 performed by my favorite sing of all time Mr. Oleseng Shuping

Key Features
1. Original Hymn Book
2. No Dodgy Permissions Required
3. Clever icon picking system
4. All hymns double checked
P.S. Rate and Review
Please do not leave negative reviews, rather forward your issues to the developer (me), so that I can fix it and include that in the next update.
And if you want to help either by donating or in any way you want to, feel free to do so
What’s new?
 Material Design
 Hymn Icons
 Optimized List
 New Readable Fonts
 Bold Titles
 Fixed Settings Activity Bug
 Referenced Parent Activity
 Reduced Apk Size (from 2MB to 1.5MB)
 Removed JUnit library

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